Germaine de capuccini

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50 years of experience and expertise in the field of skin care in Spain.

It was in 1964 when Carmen Vidal, a warlike, energetic and vital woman, revived her great work: Germain de Cappuccini. The beauty secrets learned in Algiers during her childhood and the cosmetic techniques acquired in Paris will become the flag of one of the most important professional grooming companies in the world. With the swan symbol that Carmen conceived as a symbol of pure, peaceful and elegant femininity. The icon has evolved graphically over the years and crossed the borders of more than 80 countries.

Germain de Cappuccini Laboratories create their prestigious formulas with the most advanced cosmetic technology and the most exceptional active ingredients. The synergy between science, nature and beauty has been realized in the finest formulations.

Germain de Cappuccini is the first company in the skin care industry in Spain to be committed to protecting the environment, quality control regulations, risk prevention in the workplace and mediation between family and work life.