4 simple steps to choose a facial care routine

4 simple steps to choose a facial care routine

by Nathalie Mogny Shekler

We often talk about the importance of the care routine, however many times it is easy for us to get confused and forget what comes before why and what the role of each step is.

Get to know the OH!MAG care routine circle

It will clear your mind and give you a quick reminder to perform the steps correctly. I recommend sticking the circle of the care routine on the mirror in the shower or on the makeup dresser.

How can you determine what your facial skin type is?

One of the initial steps in matching facial care products is to diagnose the skin type. The most recommended way is to use a beautician or a dermatologist, but you can also diagnose yourself.

Each person has different innate data based on the genetic load, and also those determined according to his lifestyle, his living environment and hygiene habits; Identifying the skin type determines the methods of skin care and maintenance.

The main skin types are: dry skin, mixed/normal skin, and oily skin.כיצד, אם כן, תקבעי מה סוג העור שלך?

Step A - Preparation

Before going to bed, wash your face well, do not apply cream or any other care product.

Step B - Sensory test

As soon as you get up in the morning, say to yourself:

If the center and perimeter of your face are oily - your facial skin is oily.

If the center is oily, and the perimeter is dry - your skin is normal or mixed.

And if the center and perimeter are dry - your facial skin is dry.

Skin type is not a fixed figure, but changes depending on age, health status, seasons, climate changes, air pollution, smoking, drug use and more...

Be alert to changes, and adapt your treatment to changes in skin condition.

And now, how do you handle it?

Facial cleansing

Making sure to clean the facial skin every morning and evening will result in clean, balanced and breathable facial skin that is ready to easily and effectively absorb the moisturizers.

What do we clean?

Every day our skin pores have to deal with exposure to dust particles, sweat, oils, air pollution, soot, makeup residue and more.

Why do we clean?

Just as we are careful about brushing our teeth, this is necessary hygiene and the basis for the success of the care routine. The cleansing action allows the skin cells to recover and rebuild themselves and prevents clogged pores, dry skin, irritations and pimples.

Who is it for?

The use of facial soap is recommended for everyone and at any age, and is especially ideal for oily skin.

Which soap to choose?

Face soap can come in a gel, cream or mousse texture, and the purpose of all face washes is the same, but it is important to match the face wash to the skin type and use the product according to the instructions for use.

Face serum

What is a serum?

You can think of a face serum as a mega vitamin.

A serum is a concentrated essence in a liquid or gel texture that contains substances such as amino acids, plant extracts, minerals, oils and more... The serum consists of active substances built from small molecules and therefore has the ability to penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin, while the moisturizer is only absorbed in the layers The upper part of the skin of the face.

What is the role of the serum?

The serum contains active ingredients and helps intensively nourish the facial skin, contributes to the cell renewal process, delays the aging process of the skin and maintains the elasticity and flexibility of the facial skin. Also, the serum is a great base for a moisturizer (day or night).

Who is it for?

It is recommended to use the serum from the age of 20 and above.

Which serum to choose?

Before purchasing the serum, you should think about the solution that the skin needs.

Normal skin will be satisfied with a serum that provides moisture and protection, while facial skin suffering from pigmentation spots will be treated with a brightening serum. Restorative serum is designed for loose and dry facial skin. Correct diagnosis of the facial skin will lead to choosing the right serum for optimal effectiveness.


Today we are aware of the importance and effect of drinking water, it is essential for our health and the appearance of our facial skin. Daily use of facial moisturizer is like pampering your facial skin with a refreshing glass of water.

Why is it important to apply moisturizer?

Moisturizer nourishes the skin with essential substances and creates a layer that protects it from environmental damage such as dirt, dust, sunlight and makeup residue.

Who is it for?

Similar to the face soap, the use of moisturizer is recommended for everyone and the younger you start using it, the more effective the effect will be. It is important to match the moisturizer to the skin type and apply it until it is fully absorbed in the face and neck area.

Which moisturizer to choose?

A light moisturizer will suit mixed skin that tends to be oily, and a rich moisturizer will suit a dry skin type and give it increased nourishment. There is a wide variety of moisturizers, and it is worthwhile, as mentioned, to choose and adjust the exact product after diagnosing the facial skin. It is recommended to use a moisturizer that contains a sunscreen.

What is the difference between day cream and night cream?

  • Day cream comes in a light texture, nourishes the skin with moisture, contains a protection factor, creates a protective layer against environmental damage and gives the skin a fresh and healthy appearance.
  • Night cream comes in a rich texture, nourishes the skin with vitamins, increased moisture and substances that help cell regeneration. During rest, the body is free to repair the day's damage and renew the cells at a faster rate, and therefore will more efficiently absorb the nutrients it receives. In addition, certain substances are not intended for exposure to the sun, so they are not found in today's products.


If the moisturizer doesn't contain a sun filter, it's time to replenish the sun protection factor for the facial skin.

Why is it important to apply a sun protection factor?

Many don't know this but SPF is the best anti-aging product! Daily use of a sun protection factor prevents accelerated aging of the skin, spots, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Who is it for?

For everyone, a sun protection factor is a must, especially in the global climate in which we live.

Which sunscreen to choose?

A sun protection factor with 30SPF or higher will provide you with effective protection for about 8 hours, it is recommended to apply the sunscreen between 15-30 minutes before leaving the house in order for it to be optimally absorbed by the skin.